Appela is the tasty and edgy apple drink you didn’t know you needed! Best enjoyed chilled, it’s the perfect refreshment to go with snacks, good company or both.


Bel Malt comes in 3 distinct flavors: Original, Chocolate & Coffee.

Bel-Malt (Original) Is the perfect choice for an instant dose of nutritious vitality.

Bel-Malt (Chocolate) combines the filling taste of malt & the sweetness of chocolate in one healthy drink.

Bel-Malt (Coffee) delivers the filling taste of malt & the vibrance of coffee in every gulp. Satisfying and invigoratingly delicious.


Pukka contains a blend of carefully selected herbs for your refreshment! Share with friends and or tell them to get theirs if you just can’t part with the taste.


Once the flavour makes its way down, you’ll be hooked to the orange taste. Enjoy this drink chilled or with ice cubes any time.


Tamarinda is the healthy, nutrient-filled drink you can’t get enough of! This refreshing beverage is made with the best selected tamarind pods out there.

Tropical Splash

Tropical Splash overwhelms your senses with every sip. Served chilled, the fruity delicious taste of pomegranate is just what you need on a hot day.